The Largest and Longest Art Gallery on Earth

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Silo Art. It appears to be uniquely Australian. And it’s large, and bold and beautiful. It’s the biggest and longest outdoor art gallery in the world, and growing every month.

The Australian Silo Art trail is something everyone should do, if not just for the amazing art but also to help the small rural towns where it’s found.

The styles are uniquely different, the art topics range from local to Anzac, but they’re all magnificent.

“Regional Australia, especially regional Victoria, is now big and bold and beautiful, thanks to this amazing Silo Art.”

We’ve only seen the tip of the beautiful iceberg, and plan to visit many more as soon as lockdowns don’t get in the way.

These silos are from Colbinabbin in North East Victoria, and celebrate the importance of the Railway to the growth of the town. The line was completed in 1913 to help transport produce and livestock to Melbourne.

Where: Station St Colbinabbin Victoria

Artist: Tim Bowtell

If you’re looking for accomodation in Colbinabbin, it’ll be hard to find, BUT there’s plenty available in surrounding towns. just google ‘camping Colbinabbin’

The Australian Silo Art Trail website is very comprehensive and has downloadable guides and lots of useful information.

You may not be an art expert, but you’re going to love these larger than life masterpieces.

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