Three east coast villages you can't miss

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The freeway flies past them, so it's easy to never know how pretty and special they are. Do yourself a favour and take the detour.

There’s a drive on the New South Wales Coast that is easy to miss, if you’re new to the area or the state. Three beautiful coastal towns that the highway passes by. Some. like me would argue that’s a good thing, as it keeps greedy property developers away, but i think the Covid inspired regional psh might be changing that.

So the time to visit is now - if you’re not in lockdown.

“There's still some magic to be found in regional tows. They have't been completely over-developed. Well, not yet, anyway”

The three towns are Brooms Head, Angourie and Yamba. If you’re travelling north turn right off the Pacific Hwy at Townsend for Brooms Head. It’s easy to drive past the signs, so keep an eye out. Thanks to a national park you can’t drive directly north from Brooms Head to Angourie or Yamba, you have t trek back to the Pacific Hwy and take the Yamba Road turnoff. We found Google maps a little unreliable, so keep an eye out for signs.

Brooms Head is a sleepy little place with nothing more than a few houses, a great caravan park, a shop (that’s currently closed after being sold in April 21, but should open again soon) and a beautiful walking/fairly safe swimming beach.

There’s not much more, and there’s not much more that you need.

The caravan park takes caravans, RVs (with a dumping station) BBQ areas, washing machines/dryers, Children’s playground and more.

There are also five styles of cabins, so there’s something or everyone.

see more here.

It’s a beautiful spot capturing magnificent east coast sunrises.

It does get busy so book a stay peak season.


Once you’re back out on the highway heading north, do yourself a favour and drop into Yamba. Possibly one of the nicest coastal towns in NSW. There are plenty of accomodation options from basic camps sites to a BIG 4 park with room for the largest rig. Food isn’t a problem either with a range of cafes and restaurants

You can’t miss:

The Beachwood Cafe, High St Yamba Run by the wonderful Sevtap Yuce, you’ll discover delicious Turkish inspired food and one of the best breakfasts you’ll have on your trip.

The Pacific Hotel Yamba on the the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. OK it’s a pub, with pub style food (pretty good quality, though) …but it’s a pub on a cliff, with the best views you’ll ever see. DOn’t miss having a shandy on the front deck

The Ocean Pool. Especially at Sunrise. It's the most Aussie thing you see. (especially with a pub up on the cliff behind it!)

Angourie. What a hidden surprise. A surfer’s haven. Pull into the carpark provided and walk to the beach. (this makes more sense when you get there) On the way you’ll pass a restored quarry - restored in that it’s been tidied up from overgrown bushes and turned into a protected swimming pool and picnic area. It’s completely unexpected. and quite unique.

And so is the beach with natural rock pools at low tide, and some pretty good surfing.

Angourie is the local indigenous word for the tail feather of a seagull. Australian actress (Mare of East Town and The Nice Guys) Angourie Rice’s grandmother lived here and she was named after the town.

Brooms Head, Yamba and Angourie are wonderful Australian East Coast sea villages. Each with their own personality and beauty. Enjoy them, but walk gently on their precious earth.


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